Our Favorite Question:
What's Going To Happen Next?

Company Mission

PrePlay's mission is at once simple and incredibly challenging: build the core technology and consumer applications that enable every fan to predict every play of every game of every sport in the world.

We believe that the most interesting question in the world is - and will always be - "what's going to happen next?" We've cracked the code on turning that question into incredibly engaging games and apps that allow us and our partners to connect with fans.

Preplay Teams

In our quest to accomplish our mission, we've attracted world class engineers, artists, investors, fanatics, and hustlers to make sure we get it done. Check out each team's mission badge and a little gem of wisdom below.

team illustration


Cuare - Concordia - Quaestio In English it means Care - Harmony - Discovery. We're solving problems no one has ever solved before, like how to synchronize data from live events and TV broadcasts with mobile and social gameplay at massive scale. We also support a community and suite of apps that fans rely on.

We've got to care, we've got to work together, and we can never stop learning.

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Ludus - Publicus - Magus In English it means Fun - Social - Magic. The magic of PrePlay is taking a real-life scenario and turning it into a game in a way that feels clever. It really is like magic - the idea that this device in your hand knows what's going on in the match and asks you a simple, profound question about it.

We can't afford to break the spell.The experience must be magical.

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Game design

Compotio Per Effectionem Et Imaginationem In English it means Engagement Through Planning And Execution. Everyone at PrePlay is a part-time artist. We're full-time. Mobile screens are small; sports can be complicated; and few people have ever made games like ours before.

This just means we have to pack meaning and magic into every pixel and every action to make PrePlay games perfect.

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Quality Assurance

Adepto - Aeguum - Primum In English it means "Do It Good." We hate buggy software even more than you do. We test long and we test hard to preserve the magic of PrePlay games. Bugs, glitches, freezes, broken links, and errors are our enemies because they break the magic of our games.

We work with everyone in the company to do it good.

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Identitatis - Valor - Conmunitas In English it means Identity - Value - Community. Our players are smart and they're demanding. Coming at them with lame promotions won't work, so we have to invest time and passion into developing a voice that our players will respect.

The voice must be Ron Swanson-esque. It should say something only when there's something to say, and say it well.

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Peragranti Audacia In English it means Progress Through Boldness. Everyone we do business with is a partner. Everyone we do business with should get PrePlay one step closer to accomplishing its mission.

Everyone we do business with should come to believe, through working with us, that PrePlay is the answer for companies who want to ask their fans the most interesting question in the world.